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Beyond Preemie
Feeding and Developmental Therapy

Improving feeding and developmental outcomes together.


Houston's premier feeding and devopmental therapy clinic for children birth through five years

Beyond Preemie

Neonatal and Pediatric Occupational Therapy for NICU Grads and Beyond

Feeding and
Developmental Therapy

At Beyond Preemie, we care for miracles every day.


Beyond Preemie's mission is to support babies and families through their individual feeding and developmental journey by providing the tools needed to improve feeding and eating skills, expand food preferences, and advance developmental milestones, helping babies achieve their full potential.

At Beyond Preemie, we are dedicated to providing personalized support and guidance to ensure every child receives the care and attention they need to thrive.

Together, we will build a strong foundation of positive feeding experiences and developmental achievement while removing mealtime stress and playtime fatigue.

Whether you are a parent, caregiver, or healthcare professional, we are here to help you navigate the challenges of feeding and development with confidence and compassion.


Pediatric Occupational Therapy,

Neonatal Therapy Professional Development, and Wellness Consultations

Feeding Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Our Advanced Board Certified Pediatric and Neonatal Occupational Therapists specialize in Feeding Therapy,

Motor Skills, and Developmental Follow-Along for Preemies,

NICU Graduates and Newborns through the first five years.


Neonatal therapy professional development program

Professional Development

Led by our Certified Neonatal Therapists, our Neonatal Therapy Professional Development Program is designed for Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Speech-Language Pathologists who want to transform bedside care, improve neuropromotive care and neurodevelopmental outcomes, and manage complex neonatal feeding and developmental challenges.

Infant feeding and developmental skills

Wellness Consultations

Sometimes we want an easier way to get our questions answered. 

Wellness consults are virtual sessions for all of your baby feeding and developmental 

milestone questions.

From feeding to sleeping, first foods to first steps, get advice without leaving home.


 Baby Development in Motion

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