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Occupational Therapy

Newborn Baby
occupational therapy services

Beyond Preemie Clinic, located in the Houston Heights, is proud to offer pediatric occupational therapy services in a supportive, family-focused environment.


Pediatric Occupational Therapy services are 50-minute individual sessions addressing feeding and developmental concerns for premature infants, NICU graduates, and newborns through the first five years.


We specialize in:

  • Promoting feeding skills from bottles to table foods 

  • Positive feeding participation 

  • Expanding food preferences 

  • Enjoying tummy time

  • Preventing flat heads and tight necks

  • Advancing developmental milestones​

We take pride in combining evidence-based practice and family-focused care with imaginative ideas, fun activities, and creative home programs to help your baby thrive beyond five. Together we will create a treatment plan that meets your child’s unique needs. 

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